A Biblical Perspective

A Biblical Perspective

  It is important for a follower of Jesus to know what a biblical perspective is when doing anything whether that is having a conversation or simply just the way you behave, no matter what it may be. By the end of this, you'll have a better understanding of what it means to live through faith and how to utilize it to give God the glory!

What is a Biblical Perspective?

Knowing what a biblical perspective is is the first step for Christians when approaching any interaction. But what is a "biblical perspective?" When we as believers take a look at the big picture of it, we see that all it is is simply looking at things with a godly view. In other words, seeing things as not the way the world sees it, but the way the Lord says that it is. The world may say that one thing is acceptable while the Bible may say otherwise and it is important to be able to discern the difference. After all, God created this Earth so doesn't it make sense that He creates the rules? In a world where there is so much darkness, we are called to be able to apply this lens to spread truth and light where it is hard to find.


Why is This Important?

Why is a biblical lens important? Well to start, God's word is truth and outside of that, there is none. There is always more than one side to every story and situation but then there's the side that's about what the Bible says and that's the ultimate truth. When we as believers turn to His word, we can be confident that the truth will always come out. So, whether confronted with a dilemma or just having an ordinary conversation, always go about it with the truth. Truthful conversation is not the only take away though. It Is important to see what the Bible says in all aspects of life. Another example would be decision making. Before making a decision, think to yourself, "is it Biblical, does it bear fruit, and is this something that brings me and others closer to God?" If it is not found in the word, it is not being done through a biblical perspective and should be adjusted. A helpful tip is to always go into things prayerfully so that you can notice when things start to become un-biblical. 

How can This be Applied to Real Life?

 This can and should be applied in everyday life. No matter who you are having a conversation with, Christian or not, or what it is about, it should be discussed using the Bible. Whatever you are doing and whoever it is with, it must be glorifying to God using biblical value. The world should be seen and interacted with through this biblical perspective in order to lift God as high as we can and reach as many as possible!


By: Tyler Dixon

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