Shaking Our Tiny Fist at God

Shaking Our Tiny Fist at God

One of the most common things that every Christian can relate to is being mad at God. At some point in our lives we decide that we know better than God and think that if He only listened to us, our lives would be so much better. We take our little tiny fist and shake right in God's face. So how do we confront our anger with God and how do we bring that anger to Him?

1. Be Honest with God and Yourself

The best thing you can do for yourself when you are angry at God is let Him know exactly how you feel. God isn't scared of your anger, He isn't scared of your tiny little fist. Shake away! If we never express what we are feeling to God, how could He ever try and help. We have to be honest with ourselves, recognize the pain that we feel and go to God with it. We could be feeling abandoned by Him, frustrated with life, in physical pain over and over again, and we could blame God for all of that. At least if we blame God, we can talk to Him about it and seek answers and comfort from Him.

2. Approach with Humility

Often times when we are blaming God for something happening, or not happening, in our lives, it comes from a place of entitlement. We tend to think that we have been so good and deserve this and that when in reality, we deserve nothing but death. The greatest gift any Christian has ever received is grace. Grace is the fuel that keeps every Christian going when we stumble or fall back to our old ways of living. When God gives us grace, He looks into every wrong thing we have ever done, turns to look at us, and says "you have earned death for all of eternity, but I will take that punishment away and give you eternal life". When we think we deserve something or have earned something from God, we need to take a step back and realize that amazing grace that God has given us when we didn't deserve it. In your anger, be real with God, but remember all He has done for you.

3. Remember Job

If you haven't read the book of Job, GO READ IT! In Job, God allows His most faithful and righteous follower to be put through the worst of the worst life has to offer. Job's family gets killed, he is filled with disease and boils on his skin, all of his wealth is taken away. Job is brought to the lowest possible place for any person to be at. Throughout the book, Job cries out to God saying "why would you let me suffer like this? Why have you abandoned me?" and is met with silence. Job is angry, in pain, mourning for his entire family, and would rather die than continue on living. After all of his crying out to God and all of his misery, God finally answers Job. God says "do you not know who I am? Where were you when I laid the Earth's foundations? Who shut up the sea behind doors? Where does the darkness reside? Have you entered the storehouses of the snow? Can you unleash the fury of your wrath?" Job in that moment realized that God was there the entire time and that he knew nothing in comparison to the Almighty Yahweh. No matter how bad his life had gotten and no matter how much hurt he had, God was there protecting him the whole time. Job's tiny little fist meant nothing in the great expanse of the universe. He holds the whole world in His hands!

God is never scared of our complaining and our anger towards Him. He will never hide Himself because He is fearful of us. He will, however, continue to give grace and grace again and comfort us in all His majesty. Be honest, Be humble, and remember the all-powerful God that we follow who loves without an end and comforts for all of eternity.

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