How to Not be a Control Freak

How to Not be a Control Freak


Oftentimes as Christians, and just human’s in general, we become total control freaks of our lives. We try to control others so that we get our way and we try to control our situations when they are out of control. So, as Christians, what are we supposed to do about that?

1. Give it to God

God is our refuge and our redeemer. He is the only one that can handle our situations, in fact, He wants us to give it to Him. When we give it to God, He replaces it with joy in our lives. We finally have peace in order to face those challenges the way God wants us to. It’s by the power of Jesus that we can overcome our circumstances and have joy in the middle of it. Nothing we do will do that except full surrender to God.

2. Know Who God is

When a person is being tried for a crime, they bring in friends and family to testify on who the convicted person is. With our circumstances, we often put God on trial making claims that He isn’t big enough for the situation, we say that He gave up on us. Then, the word of God comes in and spills the truth of who He is and how faithful and loving He is. In our circumstances, the best thing we can do is simply remind ourselves of who God is. We do this by looking into His Word and looking back on what God has done in our past and others' pasts.

Don’t forget how good of a God He is and have faith that He will stay the way He is.

3. Reach Out to a Christ Centered Community

One of the greatest feelings in the world is when you are vulnerable with others, and they still love you and pray for you. Other people can help remind you of who God is and give advice on what to do next. Being a believer in Christ makes it a lot easier to handle those tough situations because of the people God has put in our lives. We can’t forget to use our weapons and armor in battle. Those weapons being God’s Word (The Bible), God’s Spirit (Prayer/The Holy Spirit), and God’s people.


Whenever you feel stuck in a situation, like wave after wave is crashing and you don’t have time to breathe, stop trying to get yourself above the water and raise your hand to God. He will lift you up and comfort you like nothing else. He is the Alpha and the Omega and no matter how bad the situation that you’re in is, God is in control and it will be okay.


By: Josh Toney

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