How to Give God the Glory

How to Give God the Glory


Giving God the glory in every situation in your life can be really difficult. Often we, as humans, tend to try and take the credit for ourselves whenever we can because we feast off of attention from others. These pieces of advice will help you become more humble and glorify God with the way you live.

1) Lean into God

God is our source of love, peace, and joy. We can’t even walk a few more steps without Him. If our goal is to glorify Him, we have to know Him. The closer we get with God and the deeper relationship we have with Him, the better we can listen to Him, obey Him, and glorify Him. Go to Jesus with your sorrows and pain and He will free you of your pain. He is the light of hope and the chain breaker. Go towards God and He will make your paths straight.

2) Be bold with your faith

If you want to glorify God, you cannot be ashamed of your faith. We as Christians like to fall into the trap that is being casual with our faith. We go to church on Sunday and pretend like that is all we need to do. That is a lie. We have to stand up for our faith and be bold. One way, here at Joshua1, that we like to be bold is to wear a Christian shirt wherever we go. Wearing a shirt like I’m a Jesus Man makes it clear to everyone and yourself that you are living for God, not anything or anyone else.

3) Be obedient

God’s calling is one of the most beautiful things in this world. Seeing a person go from a life full of sin to being on fire for the Lord is amazing. What is so amazing is that immediately after the transition occurs, they obey God like there is no tomorrow. This is how we as Christians have to live each and every day. God is constantly leading us towards something and has a plan and we just have to listen to Him no matter what. Instead of saying, “Oh I’ll do it tomorrow,” we have to say, “Let’s do this!” We need to live like we are renewed every single day because we are.

4) Point back to God

Many times in my life people would ask things like, “Why’re you so nice to me?” or “Why does it seem like nothing is wrong in your life?” The simple answer to those questions is Jesus. Jesus loves you so why should I not. I try to make everything in my life point back to God because He is the one that made me and changed me when I went off track. Jesus is the only way to have that contentment in every situation no matter how bad. He’s the only way that I can forgive what seems like unforgivable things. We need Jesus so much and when we begin to understand all of that, we can be humbled enough to point back to Him and glorify Him in everything we do.

When we created Joshua1, we had to make sure that we didn’t think of it as our company, but God’s company. If it is in God’s plan for this company to grow, then it will as long as we glorify Him through it. As long as we are bold with our faith, continue in our relationship with Him, be obedient to Him, and always point back to Him, then God will do a good work in and through us. Glorifying God is so important as a Christian. From simple things like wearing a Christian shirt to the bigger things of listening to His calling no matter what, glorifying God is one of the most important things you can do in your life.


By: Josh Toney

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