Dangerous Faith and Dangerous Love

Dangerous Faith and Dangerous Love

"There's got to be something dangerous about our faith, the way we love people" - Pastor Chad Moore of Sun Valley Church in Phoenix Arizona 

Dangerous Faith

Living a life for Christ is something we should not take lightly. Dangerous faith is not just something we think, it's something we need to live out. What does it mean to have dangerous faith? It means that we must be fearless and adamant about it. We need to shine without anything holding us back. We need to have the desire to spread our faith everywhere we go. We need to have the faith that God is going to provide for us what we need! When we know the power of God, we can share passionately and have no fear everywhere we go!

Dangerous Love

Loving dangerously is loving always. That doesn't seem so hard right? Everyone says that until someone wrongs them. When a close friend hurts you it can be even harder. Whether you are being insulted, bullied, or even physically hurt, it is crucial to still love them. You need to love them because God still created them and still loves them. Even Jesus still loved the romans who were crucifying him. This is real love. One of our favorite Christian shirts that we have here at Joshua1 is our Love God. Love People. shirts. It's a perfect example of how we need to be living our lives. Some simple ways to do this are trusting in Gods unfailing love, walking in the way of love, and doing everything in love. Living this out will cause people to notice and people will see that there's something different about you by the way you love others. Because you are doing everything in love, you will experience genuine joy and people are going to want that. 

The Application

 It's one thing to read this, it's another to apply it. If there's anyone in your life right now that you feel needs to hear that they are loved, let them know right now. If there's someone that you are in an argument with right now, still show them love no matter how difficult it may be. Love everybody you come across and show them the dangerously bright light of Christ!


By: Tyler Dixon

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