What to Do When You Feel Lost as a Christian

What to Do When You Feel Lost as a Christian


Many times as Christians, wave after wave hits us and we don’t know what to do. The storms of life have turned us around and have made us feel lost as to where we are and what to do next with our lives. When you feel like you are stuck in that situation, there are a few ways to get yourself unstuck.

1. Pray

Without God, our lives become lost and confusing. The way to get back on track with God is to talk with God. If someone was about to fall off of a boat, they wouldn’t just let it happen, they would cry out for someone to go and help them. God is right there and all you need to do is call out to Him. Calling out to God can include praying for God's strength so that you can bear the storm, telling Him that you are hurting and need His help, and/or asking for guidance on what to do next and where to go in general.

2. Read God’s Word

Even when someone does cry out, it might seem like God is silent. This is sometimes because God has already given you the tools to get out of that situation. Those tools are found in the Bible. If you get yourself into a cycle of prayer and reading God’s word, those waves won’t hit as hard and when they do, you can get back up quickly. It can also help remind you of who you are. It’s important to remember who God says you are so that nobody else can say anything different. You are loved by God, you are found by God, you are forgiven by God, you are free because of Jesus, you are a child of God.

3. Talk to others

God speaks in many ways but the 3 biggest ways that God will deliver a message is through His Word (The Bible), His Spirit (Prayer and conviction), and His people (The Christ-following people in someone’s life). Having fellowship and speaking to others about the storm you are in allows others to pray for you and support you in whatever ways possible. If you are praying for guidance and an old friend reaches out about getting coffee the next day, that could be the way that God is trying to show you. Being open with others allows more unity among the body of Christ and helps us be focused on helping others, not being selfish. If others are looking out for you then you can look out for others.


God will get you through whatever it is you are in. No matter where you are or how far gone you feel, God is there and God will save you and redeem you, you just need to have faith in the middle of the storm.


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By: Tyler Dixon

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