Where Do I See God?

Where Do I See God?


At any given time, whatever the circumstance may be, the desire to seek God will arise in your heart, but you may not know where to look. It can be different for many people, as there are many forms of worship, so here are just a few ways to help you look!

1) Read His word

Where better to look than the Bible? This one is something that everyone should do. The Bible is God breathed, which means it’s directly from God so everything in it is true and when you’re searching for the Lord, just open up His word and read it. It’s still relevant today so don’t read it thinking it can’t apply to you today when there’s so much that can still be applied. 

2) Prayer

You don’t have to be a new believer to know this one. Talking to God, directly, is something that every man, woman, and child of faith should do on a daily basis. When should you pray? Let me answer that for you. When you’re having a good day, pray. When you’re having a bad day, pray. When you’re the best you’ve ever been, pray. When nothing in the world could make your situation worse, pray. You get the point. Pray all the time! God loves it when you just talk to him because he loves you! That’s why we here at Joshua1.com have a Christian shirt/hoodie that says Know your worth. So you know that you’re priceless and God desires that relationship with you. 

3) Community

Speaking of a relationship with God, relationships with people are an INCREDIBLE way to see God! A Christ centered community, to be more exact, is so so so important because we weren’t meant to do life alone and we need to walk with people. Not only does it strengthen your faith but it strengthens theirs as well. We have a Christian shirt/hoodie that says Love God. Love People. From personal experience, my friends have been a crazy influence on my faith for the good and it’s one of the best things to ever happen to me. I know that God brought us together for a reason and I can see God working in every single one of them. It’s amazing.

4) Music

Before you think, “Oh really, any music? Cool”, I want to point out that this specifically means music that glorifies God. So, you’re not going to find much God in music about drugs, sex, and alcohol. But when you lift up Jesus name in worship music, you can feel the Holy Spirit wash over you and you just feel an overwhelming sense of joy. So, if you love music, this is a fantastic way to find God at any time!

5) Outdoors

This one is a personal favorite. Going outdoors, like camping,  hiking, or anything of the sort, is just enjoying God’s beauty and creativity. The peace that it brings to just sit in his presence is so powerful. So, next time you go camping, just find a nice rock to sit up high on and soak in God’s glory!


By: Tyler Dixon

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